Book series.

Chapter One.

Call me Kaka. the name I naturally inherited as I popped out to this amazing world and as a girl.
With staunch culture like mine. One gets name as soon as he or she is born and depending on sex. The list starts from one to six and start all over again.
For Ladies like me, it starts with Kaka, Koni, Kuche, Mbacha, Konyo, Koto and start a fresh. For boys, Kuku, Kuti, Kalo, Kome, Kocho, Konda. So as a girl and a first born, I became Kaka. Is it that wonderful. I love my Name Kaka more than anything.
I am a girl who gives not shit. I fear none but for reasons I respect all.
My mum always told me to be a good and disciplined girl. I am the pride of our family.
She actually called me Kandaka , the name of Nubian queen, freedom fighter who stood for the voice of women and men of this country. Glad I am to have heroin name . It feels so good you know.
We were three in the family. Me, Mum and Dad before Kuti was born .
My family are not rich kind of people but I never lucked anything. They always put my needs first. Of course as the only daughter to your family, that is what you get, right?
I am Proud to be around the people who deserve my love, family!
I am Nubian by tribe from the heart of Africa. The Bible describes us as Kushites.
Well, that was a way back then. We were known as strong and fearless people on this planet Earth.
And even now we still have that blood running through our veins.
History has it all. we once ruled the world though they don’t teach such at schools. Sudan is place I call home. In it, is small village call Heiban. The place of my birth.
Heiban, my home town is centre and market place where people around the villages and far come to trade. People from the city and village actually meet there.
Arabic is commonly spoken language here. Everyone understands it well though they might not know how to write it.
Lira is My mother tongue, well understood too for some reasons .
We Nubians, our languages are somehow related to each other through out our state, Kadugli.
Do you really know Nubia means gold and Sudan means land of the black? I thought you should know about it.

It kills me to see Arabs change our history. Instead of saying they coming of Arabs to Sudan, they say they coming of people! Who are the people you idiots. Sudan is land for all but if you dare to try to change it’s history, we shall send you to hell.
Hospitality is what we are. we welcome strangers to stay with us and even give you a land to stay for the rest of your life. But on one condition, you got to have manners. respect the community and stand with them in all that life brings. Or else they will show you the way to your home.
As young girl, I never thought there exist another planet or country beyond Sudan. The place I am proud to call home. Where dreams began, life started and death took away our loved ones. It’s place of culture and traditions. Where elders danced and sang songs of praises while Young ones took it to the dancefloor.
We danced till you become white dusty kind of stuff. It’s all we got, to sing, dance and laugh out our lungs. Boys protect their girls and we felt like queens in our own palace.
There are many boys in our village and my mum is the only best friend I have besides her motherly love.
But as usual she is always as busy as bee. She got no time to her own daughter and I hate it .
Mum, we really need to talk. I asked her honestly.
Honey, what is it this time?
Mum, do I really need to have a reason to talk to my own mother? I missed you. staying around you, laughing and crying in your arms . She interrupted me.
Honey, I am Busy now as you can see but I will always find time for you.
You always promise me that and I hate seeing nothing comes out of your promise.
If You don’t have time for your own daughter, why then did you give birth? I said it angerily in my heart and walked way.
I need my mother back. She is no longer the mother I always know .This work thing is taking life out of her.
I can feel it or is that what parents must do, to trade their children with work!
Our education at home is Observe and do. That is means there is alot of mess up. You got to burn your fingers, add too much salt , not ready food and unclean clothes among the rest.
Everyone is busy to teach you all. So the Universe does it’s best in hard way to train you.
As I laid down on my little locally made bed, lost in thoughts and lonely.
A thought crossed my mind as if it detects how idle I was. Miles! Yes this new boy terrorising our village with his eloquent Arabic.
I remember very well because my friends talked much about him earlier at the barhole .
Who does he think he is to become the village companion. He is a talk of our village and every girl’s dream except me.
He deserves some lessons from the queen of Universe. I convinced myself as I walked to his home.
Thank God. It will be more complicated to attack a lion in its own den but I have the guts to fire bullets straight to his big head now that he is out of his house.
I saw him seated under the big neem tree. Yes I can’t wait to meet this idiot.
You! yes, I mean you looking at me.
Sorry Did you say something ? He asked me.
I can now feel the beast coming out of me. Yes I mean you! I shouted at the top of my lungs. You mean you never saw me all a long?
I got a name, Miles! yes , Miles is my name. Don’t ever call me you. He responded rudely.
Whatever you call yourself!
Wait! Did you your mum and Dad call you that shit name.
Don’t call it shit! Yes, he replied!
My Dad walked miles and miles to find his precious wife who then became my mum. They called me miles for the milestone journey they walked through for me.
Well, then call me Kilometers because my Dad did three kilometers walk to find mum. I replied mockingly.
Are you kidding me or what,? He ask curiously.
Nope that is me . I answered him.
Who cares about the names anyway.
So, why are you here if you don’t mind me asking?
Good question! I answered. You got to ask yourself this question too.
I am here with no body than you, Miles! Think tanks! It’s you the trouble causer and I am here to put an end to this madness of yours.
Ooh! Are you serious and do I look like a mad person to you? He asked me.
I guess we shall find out about that? In this village no one is above the law.
How dare are you to challenge locals with your eloquent Arabic? I confronted him furiously.
We all know the language but we prefer to use our native one. It’s our pride Miles!
How does it concern you anyway? The village thing and who are you if I my ask?
He stared and looked at me as if I was from another planet.
That is the question you Should have asked me earlier.
I am Kandaka, the princess of Universe and the future queen of Kush. I guess you got your answer.
He was little startled and wanted to run but I grabbed his hand.
Am I in some trouble or what? He asked !
I can tell from his eyes. The clouds of tears were already forming.
Yes you got this idiot. Never again try to put yourself above others in new environment you have no acknowledge about.
Sit down. I ordered him.
Yes you are in trouble. You come here bragging as if you are Prince or son of president. Distablizing our peace and atomsphere.
We don’t care about where you come from. Either city or Heaven, who knows you could be thieft hunted for. why did come here in the first place.
Listen carefully, your new name now is Kuku and start learning the local language as fast as possible.
How do you feel when you speak foreign language and not speak your own. I ask him Angerily.
Please remember to put your Miles name in your bag and use it when you get to that city of yours, you understand?
Well, I have started learning our language but the name seems like ...umm ...
Weird you mean? I interrupted him
Ooh no, not at all. I am just not acquitted to it. He said.
I guess you have a lot to learn. Don’t make me come back for you again. I told him face to face and I walked away full of enthusiastic energy of ego.
That was me by then. If stubbornness was a person then I am one of it. My childhood was awesome. No one dare to challenge me. After all I got big brothers and Uncles to protect me.
Aftermaths, I went straight home.
I felt relieve from the pain and anger I had earlier on.
If mum had listen to me, this boy won’t be in such trouble.
Now the beast left me. I sense some guilt overcoming me.
Did I really do something wrong to that little boy? I wandered .
Oooh no I felt terrible about him. I am a bad person perhaps he could be thinking so.
Anyway, what is done is gone. Nothing changes the past. I convinced myself as I dashed to my room.
I am back to an empty home.
All alone.
All my friends are far away from my home.
I can’t keep walking with them and around them like a dog without the owner.
It sucks!
In my room, there is nothing to play with.
The kids of now days have toys to play with, TV to watch, books and story books to read.
For a girl like me, nothing fancy was there to play with.
The only game I enjoyed was hide and seek, Building house out of mud but all this games require team.
Yet I am here all by myself.
Besides, I hate dust or mud. It stains my clothes.
And mum told me that I am the smartest girl.
Smartness to her means no playing with soil or mud related game.
She just wanted to reduce her burden of Washing my clothes and I respected her decision.

I will be uploading the Chapter two very soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading the story of a Nubian Girl.

And please let me know how you find the story of Nubian Girl in comment section below



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