The Nubian Girl

All my life, I have walked a long journey, meeting many girls. The beautiful ones, intelligent ones and educated ones too. But I know nothing than the intelligence, hardworking and purity of Nubian girl.

Thanks to photo by Jackson David:

She listens more than she can speak. She adores her parents, elders and guidance as her Main source of wisdom. It doesn’t matter what they ask her to do! She obeys with respect. Her discipline propells her to top classic woman. The woman every man dreams to marry.

Her teachers are mainly her grandmother, her mother, aunts and sometimes her elder sisters. she is trained on how to cook, dress decently, maintain her home, keep away from bad peers, welcome visitors, speak to strangers and how to behave herself in public. If you are a visitor at her home, expect a glass of water from her. It’s her tradition that any visitor should have a glass of water before anything follows.

Her place is home! If you want to talk to her, go to her home. Her duty is often in her fingertips. when She wakes up in the morning, the first thing to do is sweep the compound and brush her teeth. However, sometimes, both go similataneously. She won’t let her mother to do anything in the kitchen. She makes breakfast and cook lunch for the family as well.

In Rainy season, she often takes food to her parents in the garden. She would spend quality time with them , working on the farm before trekking home. On her way, she would go to nearby forest and collect firewood for home use. Nobody forces her to do anything but most importantly, I believe her culture shaped her ways. When she gets home, the girl I know will not rest. She drops firewood, picks up the jerrican and goes to fetch some water before she settles down to cook supper.

She is always as busy as a bee. Laziness is never in her veins. At the age of 10–14, she had known everything about home. Washing clothes for her entire family. I wish you would see her when she carries dirty clothes to brother or sister, you may think there are two to three persons for the job. Yet it is one and only girl I know, the Nubian girl!

The interesting part of her life story is getting married. To dare ask her hand in marriage simply means risking everything and wasting your own time. She is lion in her den, brave and fearless. Approach her on the road and you will curse the day you were born. You will embarrassed yourself and vow never to see her again in your life.yet it’s just the beginning. She doesn’t entertain such behavior. If you need to talk to her, openly go to her home and you will appreciate me later.

However, there is no grantee for you to speak to her directly. Just prepare for the worst like a soldier on battlefield. If she notices you have crush on her, two things will happen. She will either hide herself from you or surrender to face you. If she submits herself to you, you may think it’s radio speaking. She will be throwing words on you until you forget the route that brought you.

To win her heart or have access to have a word with her is two way process. you either approach her aunt or her best friend. These two channels gives little hope of success. You can speak to her through this people. if she doesn’t like you, you will speak for ages and your words will fall on rocks. Meanwhile if you are her choice, believe me she will give time to prove yourself worthy of her love.

When it comes to education, the girl I know is forgotten behind the kitchen. Her education means nothing to her family. The priority is always given to boy child. I always ask myself why would my society ignore girl’s education. However, one day I got the answer I was searching for. The society is so ignorant to believe that educating girl child is wasting resources after all, she would be married off someday. The believe educating a boy child gives them more sense of security in the future.

The few who gets opportunity often finds another road blocks. They won’t go beyond secondary level. Instead of boys supporting their own sisters, they end up using them and impregnating them as well. Once the girl gets pregnant, she is married off to the man who did the job of putting the baby in her belly. No second chance, no trials and errors. Her education ends , her dream dies, her vision vanishes in to thin air and her misery life begins to take their course.

I wonder why my society, why my people and why my country, I pray you listen to the voice of a girl child. Let’s face the future together and build education for a girl child. Restructure and reform our customs and norms on girl because educating her is bringing light to the nation. She is foundation and rock of every nation. Let her live her dream!



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