I am the voice

A scream from an helpless child longing for a better world. She is all alone, stranded with no place to lay her head. She worries a lot as her peace and security is at stake. Deep within me, my heart races like lightening before thunder cracks. She needs her defender, protector and comforter.

Its good to cry little angel, you got my back. Let me be your voice, the voice of a girl child. Look at the future, it’s crystal clear. There is a wave of hope sweeping across the continent. The wave of liberation and of freedom.

Rise up strongly little one, let’s fight together. From Cairo_Egypt down to the roots of Africa, Cape town! I see the chain broken, the bright spot on your sparkling eyes rekindled with smile. Pull yourself together for the future surprise. Challenges are inevitable but the storm will pass. Hang on for a little while.

Girls are coming, they are raising, they are living their own dreams, goals and Vision. Its your turn. Blow the whistle to the upcountry, spread the news, support the girl, an African girl. Let her live her dream.



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