Poem for Every Street Child In The World!

We are many on the streets and nobody bothers to question that.
In homes, we’re few but in pain and grief.
If suffering was a reward, then we could be billionaires.
The streets became home, because they were more welcoming than any home was.
Parents, love, siblings are all alien to us.
For they’re dreams we long for .
The sacks for a bed, stale bread for dinner are luxuries we have gotten used to.
But believe that we will rise to surpass your expectations.
Because our dreams live on and we’ll be agents of change.
We may have a very unpleasant past, but we are the future and it sure looks bright from here.
But what is the future of this nation like if we, it’s future are in the streets, not fed, out of school and delinquents.
So we ask, protect us, support us, educate us, invest in us.
And establish a great future for this nation.
Create a better world for the homeless, hopeless, and helpless.
You can do more, than just watch.
Written for Seed of Hope South Sudan seed.hopess@gmail.com

Edited By: Awien Rose .



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